Big win!

For all of you dota fans out there, I would like to share to you guys one of my best Dota match. It was an all random easy mode game and I luckily got my favorite hero, Phantom Lancer. Here are the statistics:

1. Phantom Lancer (me)
2. Visage
3. Terrorblade
4. Luna
5. Abaddon

1. Lich
2. Night Stalker
3. Spirit Breaker
4. Morphling
5. Priestess of the Moon

At early game, Luna and abaddon died because they got ganked and left. I was so pissed and thought that this would end. I mean 3 against 5 is a useless time-wasting match anyway. However, this guy controlling visage said that we could still win the game if we play well. I was saying to myself, “aww, cmon look at scourge. All their heros are hero killers.” Well, he was confident enough that we could win, so I gave it a try. We got pushed pretty badly from the middle and the top. Our towers and raxs are down. We fought really well on defending our territory and they were having a hard time pushing through. My two friends are freaking pros. They played their heros really well. We didnt play by ourselves, we played as a team. Lich could do much since I chose to kill lich first as the opening of the big battle. Nightstalker giving us a hard time by pushing on all three lanes by himself and also with the help of spiritbreaker.

Here is the replay to download

Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.

I’m Bored ~


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