wiermansa launched!

lol its launched! a weird way of saying it but what the heck.

I was browsing through my favorite forum just a few minutes ago, and looked at one of the moderator friend’s profile. I saw his signature with the link to his blog and so I opened it and read through his posts. “humm, pretty nice blog”. Oh hey, may be blogging would help me cure the lonelyness that is killing me right now. Well, I’m not sure if I’m a person who can take the commitment to write a blog at least once every three days, but i guess its worth a try. “Dude, you are so f***ing late to blog”. I know I am. I cant even count how many times I have been told by my friends to blog. I dont even bother registering. The friend I was talking about, his nickname is helper at the forum that I usually hang out, http://www.indodota.com.

Fall semester almost ends and Christmas is near. I cant wait to see mom, dad, sis, bro. Gosh, I miss you all so much.

I’m bored ~


5 Responses to wiermansa launched!

  1. zhanzhe says:

    You might want to consider changing your blog theme.
    I’ve added your link to my blogroll, I hope this will help you to net some extra traffic.

    Btw, it’s not zhadvance’s Blog, but Zhanzhe’s Blog.

    *I just noticed that I’m the first to comment in your blog. Giv m3 sum cooki3z!

  2. wiermansa says:

    hehe thanks for the visit. whats with my theme? does it look gay zhan? I’ll try different themes.

  3. zhanzhe says:

    Try making another page… name the page ‘guest room’ or something similiar to that. That page could be used to spam post comments not related with your other posts.

  4. AnferTuto says:

    Hola faretaste

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