Boredom! Leave me alone~

I almost can’t stand this anymore. I’m at home, alone, again. Exam is near, yea, but I dont have the motivation to study at all. Why is this happening to me? I feel empty inside. Every single day, I wake up in the morning asking myself what am I going to do today? will I be alone again today? It’s not that I dont have friends, infact, I have plenty of friends. My life is so dull and colorless. I keep saying to myself, “you just miss your family”. Yes it’s true that I miss them every minute of my life, but I need something. I dont know what that is, but I truly need something to spice up my life.

When I look at myself, I should be happy. I believe many people would envy me if they only see me from the outside. I’m not being arrogant or anything, I just feel that my life should be fun and I should be happy all the time with all the thing I have and what I’m able to do. Why I feel so sad and so empty inside? I dont know what to do now. Maybe, I should just ignore my feelings and start doing what I’m supposed to do. Finals are near anyway.

argh, I should just go sleep and wake up early tomorrow. I’m scared of tomorrow.

I’m bored ~


5 Responses to Boredom! Leave me alone~

  1. Clarence says:

    People who is childish would feel bored
    People who has no goal would feel bored
    People who is a failure would feel bored
    Now you are an adult, you should have your own world, don’t be like a kid.
    You should change yourself to the next step of your life, don’t stay “there”. GROW UP!

  2. Clarence says:

    Every time you open a new website or blog, but after 1~2months, it wll become a junk web, I hope you can keep this one for a long while. Don’t waste the “resource”.

  3. wiermansa says:

    lol wheres your blog? make one ^^

  4. Dsa says:

    sometimes a tear
    will lead us to love,
    and distance
    will take us close

    or even so, a fight
    can lead us to an understanding,
    a pain
    can give us a relieve

    a loneliness
    gives us a presence,
    a lie shows us
    the need of truth

    a time show us
    the treasure,
    and love shows me
    i love you

    but to see it all
    it needs a heart from Lord,
    a hand from Lord ,
    and a never ending love from Lord,

    i can never find any answer,
    simpler than the mighty arms of my Lord,
    more embracing than the truth He gives
    and the bright future of my faith


    i hope i can strengthen you

  5. Clarence says:

    I have two, two are still updating.
    But you never understand, as I write it in chinese.

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