Virtual Friends

I was browsing through my msn messenger a while ago, but I just realized that I have made alot of friends through the internet. These people are my friends whom I have never (not even once) met them in real life, yet I could chat with them like they are my own best friends. I knew some of their faces because they gave me their email to their friendsters account, but some kept a secret of their true identity, but who cares about that. When I really need them, they are always there to support me.

Here are the list of my online friends: (I’m sorry if I miss some of you) just give me a message =D

1. Chui – I called her Chui or Kyleen. I met her in this online game called Gunbound. Shes really good with boomer back then.
2. Saint James – oh Ive met this guy like 3 years ago. Same like Chui, I played Gunbound with him
3. Richard aka. nobodyperfect – I recently met this guy in Dota at lordaeron. He’s just 14 years old and he keeps talking shit.
4. Wujia – If Im not mistaken, he was my guildmate in FEEL in gunbound
5. Anderson aka. vvind – oh man, he was the one who taught me how to play gunbound, my teacher, and then we play maplestory together for a while.
6. Nenmacil – I met this guy in Dota and hes pretty good with most of the heroes. I first called this guy NENEN.
7. Tikus – He’s a game freak. He plays almost every game and gets really good at it. I dissapear a long time ago.
8. Noel – my best gunbound buddy. He keeps telling me that I’m noob, but I pwned him badly.
9. Nick – I met him in gunbound, introduced by dino.
10. Retardo – my FEEL guildmate and hes Indonesian.
11. phantomd – FEEL’s professor. His accuracy is beyond godlike but it took 15 seconds for him to shoot lol.
12. reverbs – I met this guy in gunbound like 4 years ago. Never really keep contact with him.
13. anta – I actually met this guy in person once like a year ago. He is surprisingly shy. haha
14. benz – I met this guy in maplestory and help me alot with my character.
15. Halim – This guy is anta’s buddy. His boomer skill was unpredictable. He’s a boomer legend.
16. Sky – He is my gunbound buddy and he never show himself since 3 years ago
17. akusalah – the best gunbounder I have ever known and hes Indonesian. Never meet him in person though. Hes a funny guy. trash talking ftw.
18. Sally – I’ve played lots of online games with her, but she never tell her true identity. I think shes a guy lol.
19. Uwil – met him like only 2 months in dota then quit.
20. ciek – meet him like 3 years ago and still play gunbound together with this guy
21. jeff – young dude who likes to play as cleric in maplestory. hes a nice guy
22. dino – One of my best virtual friends. He is someone who I can talk my problems to.
23. Monica – i met her in gunbound, and when I was walking at the mall, she recognized me and we introduced each other. I talked to her through phone several times.
24. Snowagers – this girl is gunbound freak. The only games she play is gunbound. Winnie, where are you now? I miss ya =D
25. Babi – This girl is taiwanese. We talk about alot of things. I like her so much and shes funny too.
26. Stib – Meet him long time ago in gunbound and still play with him. Hes my guildmate in Chrush
27. Herwin – wow this guy is like the first friend I had in gunbound. He dissapeared to the mist.
28. Cookies aka. Daniel – Hes jewish and he plays gunbound. Hes a pro.
29. Gembel elite – Meet him in Dota but dissapear.
30. Hery – just meet him in Dota. I dont really know him.
31. Jimmy – a close friend of dino and we lives in the same city, but we never really meet each other.
32. Burnoutz – my gunbound buddy who apply to FEEL at the same time. I got accepted first =p. lets play again sometimes man.
33. Kim – I miss you girl. Where have you been?
34. Kusnadi – my old gunbound buddy
35. alex – meet him in maplestory and he gave me his msn address. I never talk to him again after that.
36. maxiwill – hes my counterstrike buddy but he dissapear.
37. Widjadjaman – hes the guy who taught me how to play dota
38. Cilpie – Shes my best gunbound friend. We still play together up until this time.
39. Chyre – a decent guy who lives in hawaii. I can tell that hes a really nice guy. I met him in gunbound.
40. Vexez – this guy is my guildmaster when I was in FEEL. He quit gunbound and gave it to nemo.
41. sapi – this guy talk shit on me when we first met. I remember that time I was using 2nd account. F*** you sapi. haha
42. ArmorJoseph – nice guy. He lives in southern america. We actually trash talked each other when we first met.
43. Susan – I dont really know her but shes really good in gunbound.
44. Orangemood – Nice guy who has I never really talk to him.
45. VPD – just know him recently from indodota. He seems like a nice guy.
46. Zhanzhen – this guy is smart and sharp. He never show his true identity.
47. Piko – I met him in He’s a nice guy with alot of anime knowledge.
48. Daniel – Met him in, and hes the “whisper” minister
49. Legion – He always msged me late at night lol.
50. sayurann – Knew him from INdodota too.. he seems to be a funny guy.. ^^

ahhhhhhhhhh so tired listing them all..

I’m bored~


13 Responses to Virtual Friends

  1. Clarence says:

    Still playin’ stupid gunbound?
    Still doin’ stupid thing?

  2. wiermansa says:

    not active.. just hangin out =p

  3. Clarence says:

    Sounds you are so “free” so you are doing stupid things?

  4. zhanzhe says:

    I r t3h smart on3. I > all

  5. zhanzhe says:

    lupa capslock

    I R T3H 5/\/\4127 0(\)3 !!!111EVELENONEONE

    I > ALL !!!!11111ONEONEONE


    mayan ngespam dikit πŸ˜›

  6. wiermansa says:


    zhanzhe t3h g4y2o12z

  7. > 11. phantomd – FEEL’s professor. His accuracy is beyond godlike
    > but it took 15 seconds for him to shoot lol.


    Happy new year!

    Yuen-Chi Lian

  8. stev says:

    lol. interesting list of online gaming friends there

    mmm… i think ive made some friends online from gaming as well over the years

    happy new year!

  9. wiermansa says:

    yuenqiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii how ya been πŸ™‚

    thanks stev. happy newyear !

  10. So far so good. πŸ˜‰


  11. AxEl says:

    Lastima el Gb ya no es lo que era, mucho que lo malograron

    Mi id en GLS es GiAnAxElSK, en GIS era phargElem, GBC es = y en GIs es GiAnAxElSK

    lamento decir pero el GB esta muy malogrado =/

    pero aun nostalgia de el me queda 😦

  12. akumanation says:

    how come forgot me noob 😦

    im the hook master akumanation -_-

  13. wiermansa says:

    sorry akuma. i remember you πŸ™‚

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