This Will be My Prayer Tonight

I did close my eyes
But when i woke up
its too painfull to know
it aint a dream

I’m lonely
Alone in my bedroom
I’ve got anything that i thought i need
but yes i felt so bored

its deeper and darker than bored
i couldnt explain
but i couldnt see a reason
to smile for today

i just wanna reach the sky
where i can rest my head
and feel save
feel the happiness i used to feel

in the darkest hour
i’d like to spell this simple prayer of mine
cause id know nothing else to do
but to come to Your presence

Dear Mighty Lord in Heaven,
i’m as deep and dark as anything i know before,
please lend me Your light
I’m as confuse as i have never felt,
please show Your way
I’m as lonely as i never wanna be
please let me feel Your presence
and when i couldn’t find a reason to smile today,
remind me of the beautifull sunrise that you rise for me, the blue sky that you paint for me, the air that you create for me, the home that you let awaits for me and most of all about the magnificent plant that you prepare for me.

Please let me understand
make me realize of Your company
Take me to the faith
Where I can find every reason in this world to feel fulfilled. Amen

I’m Bored~


3 Responses to This Will be My Prayer Tonight

  1. Dsa says:

    Amen..thank you ^ ^

  2. Dsa says:

    wualah ko..sibuk bgt ya…yo uis ndak apa2…well bentar lg kan pulang..ntar kK dah pulang paling sibuk jln2..have fun…ketawa ketiwi..hohohohoho so just hold on yuahhh =D

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