It’s finally over!

Yep its over. My fall semester is finally over. I’ll be heading back to Jakarta on Thursday night. Just now, I had just finished my last final exam of Discrete Structures with Computer Science Applications II bla bla bla. The test was hard, but I think I’ve tried my best already, so I wont leave any regret.

Yesterday, I had a study group with a friend of mine till 12 midnight, then woke up again this morning at 6.15am and arrived at school around 7.20am and began to study again until 7.15pm. wow? 12 straight hours of studying? I went trance and transmitted all my aura to my brain. With all that power on my brain, I was able to put extra focus on my studies. Unluckily, the power started to vanish to the air when the exam is about the start. My brain went numb and my stomach was crying for food.

I’ve been too focus on my studying these past couple of weeks that make me not realize the holiday season around me. Lots of house in my neighborhood are decorated with Christmas Lights already, and the weather is freakin cold. I cant even stay outside for more than 5 minutes without my jacket.

*yawn* SO SLEEPY!!! SO TIRED!!! I better go to sleep.

Happy Holiday to you all

I’m Bored ~


5 Responses to It’s finally over!

  1. Dsa says:

    ohhh really??? thats a really good newss…im so damn happy…co ur coming home…have you done our shopping?? hehehehe…have fun with the shopping but dont be too much..coz ur going to have a lot hell of fun at HOME..huryyy i want to shout to you..WELCOME HOME….i might not be able to pick you up by the airport..but see me at the church ya…miss u

  2. Dsa says:


  3. Clarence says:

    only 12 hours? too few
    It is not enough, man
    So you every year go back to Indo twice, right?
    You are so “wasting” money
    You should learn something from Willy.

  4. Clarence says:


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