lol Clarence!

lol clarence, i thank you so much for opening my blog and keep commenting for once in a while. you keep saying its a dead blog, and let me tell you and everyone else that I’m Bored ~ is NOT a dead blog. An earthquake in Taiwan made the internet connection around south east asia so slow. For a couple of weeks, I couldnt even open gmail and google. Facing such a slow internet connection made me lazy to even check and post my blog. I’m having a great time now with my friends and families. I’m Bored ~ will be active again a few weeks.

Until Then.

I’m Bored ~

PS: hey clarence, make one one of your blogs in english version so that I can read too. ^^


2 Responses to lol Clarence!

  1. Dsa says:

    ko…you haven’t touch this blog since ur at home and since ur coming back to L.A…so u better do smtg about it or it’ll be another blog trash ^ ^

  2. Clarence says:

    It is dead, yes, it is dead

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