Jakarta floods toll climbs to 29

JAKARTA, Indonesia (CNN) — The death toll from days of flooding in Indonesia’s capital jumped to 29 Tuesday, according to Jakarta’s flood crisis center, as torrential rains overnight forced even more people from their homes.

Nearly 298,000 people have been displaced, many of them trying to cram into the hundreds of official and makeshift refugee camps around the city. Others have had to make do with sitting on top of their flooded homes, waiting for help to arrive.

Authorities are increasingly concerned about waterborne illnesses and report an increase in dysentery and skin infection diseases. (Watch as an overflowing river runs through people’s homes )

Western Jakarta is seeing the worst of the flooding, with some areas reporting water as deep as 4 meters (13 feet).

Forecasters are predicting rain for at least the next several weeks, a situation that could hamper the delivery of relief.

“We ran out of medicine yesterday,” said Nuraini, a military doctor overseeing local relief efforts in the Central Jakarta district, according to The Associated Press. “Most people have diarrhea and are sick after being in the water for too long.”

Meanwhile, anger grew over the government’s response.

“We live in modern times. People should have been warned,” said AP quoted Stefanus Lamury, a resident close to the city’s center, as saying. “No one should have died because of this.”

The government has dispatched medical teams on rubber rafts to areas worst-hit, and doctors were treating people for diarrhea, skin diseases, respiratory problems and exposure, AP reported.

source: CNN


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