My favorite hangout place!

It’s GUPPY teahouse!!! its one of my favorite hangout place near my house. Great desert place with tropical theme and R&B music. Great food, great desert place filled with pretty chicks haha. It’s in 11803 South Street, Cerritos, CA 90703 and NO, I dont work there and I dont get paid for writing this on my blog. I just feel like sharing to everyone that this is place is awesome. I usually go there on the weekends and it usually takes about 15-30 mins wait for us to be seated since alot of people visit guppy on weekends and the place is not that big.

My favorite desert there is Coconut Brick toast.

It comes with


haha.. looks good rite? 😀 call me if you wanna go there. I’ll be happy to go with ya.

I’m Bored ~


2 Responses to My favorite hangout place!

  1. Dsa says:

    ko dsa wants to go looks really good..with all the ice..the summer strawbery..gosh..i’m melting…hehehehe

    promise to take me there someday??? hopefully soon….

  2. vpatrickd says:

    Holy.. ****
    So tall and yummy!

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