By. Rio Febrian

Ter-nyata hati, tak bisa berdusta
Meski ku coba, tetap tak bisa
Du-lu cintaku, banyak padamu
Entah mengapa, kini berkurang

Maaf ku jen-uh padamu,
lama sudah ku pendam,
tertahan di bibirku
Mauku tak menya-kiti,
meski begitu indah,
ku masih tetap saja,

Tahukah kini, kau ku hindari,
merasakah kau, ku lain padamu
Cin-ta bukan, hanya cinta saja,
sementara kau, merasa cukup



[Chorus] ^

I heard this song a couple of weeks ago when I was still in Indonesia. The song lyric is just different from any other song that I’ve heard. Songs filled with sweet loving lyrics are just another standard love song, but this one shows some originalities. Sometimes its hard to say your true feeling to your partner, especially when it comes to “kejenuhan” in a relationship. DewiQ did a great job in writing this song, and Rio was able to pull it off. This song was and still is a great hit in Indonesian Music Ladder.

I’m Bored ~


One Response to Jenuh

  1. laraas says:

    this is my theme song of my life. somebody dedicated this song for me. it hurts. but i still like it, even it always make me cry every time i hear it.

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