The last chapter of Doraemon

after reading hundreds and hundreds of doraemon chapters, have any of you felt curios how the authors gonna end the doraemon series? whats gonna happen to nobita, doraemon, shizuka, suneo, and takeshi(giant)? will nobita marry shizuka? or will suneo become the richest guy in japan? there are plenty of ending stories i have heard about doraemon.

one of them is like this. so basically, doraemon never exist in this world. why? because doraemon merely nobita’s dream. doraemon is a robot that is created in nobita’s mind. freaky isnt it? so all those chapters we read are all inside nobita’s head. if hes making doraemon in his head, doesnt it make nobita a schizophrenic? a disease of brain disorder that see other people only inside his mind. wow pretty lame ending isnt it? so whats the real ending of the doraemon series? i finally found the real ending of doraemon. someone made a blog about it with all pictures.

The link: Last chpt of doraemon

I dont take any credit from the website. I just introducing you guys to the blog. Enjoy and end your curiosity today =]

I’m Bored ~


16 Responses to The last chapter of Doraemon

  1. daelite says:

    Just checked this out… wow :O
    I can’t believe it actually ended- though it’s a cute ending 🙂 A bit sad but all good things come to an end I suppose.

  2. wiermansa says:

    it is a very cute ending. I pretty much know that nobita will change =]

  3. doraemonholic says:

    it`s amazing,,,,wow

    doraemon is a dream??

    oh my god,,,

    i can`t believe this,,,

    it`s so a very amazing ending?

    congratulation to fujiko f fujio

  4. Nopi says:

    So sad!!
    doraemon have ending…
    how i wish i could ressurect Fujio F Fujiko…
    continue on his best comic book ever!!!!
    but it is a fabulous ending too!!!
    thx anyway

  5. Doraemon's-fans says:

    So sad!!
    doraemon have ending…
    how i wish i could ressurect Fujio F Fujiko…
    continue on his best comic book ever!!!!
    but it is a fabulous ending too!!!
    thx anyway..
    btw do u know where can i read all the books online??/
    i only got about 3/5 of doraemon set….
    email me

  6. spitfire111 says:

    so sad and touching…..
    i love it..

  7. alfonsus says:

    speechless,, so touching.. i cant believe that nobita-san……………………….. changed……………
    owww.. amazing… from nothing to everything….

  8. sad talaga ;( galing nuon pa si Doraemon lagi nasa side ni Nobita para tulungan at ipagtanggol siya. May masayang episodes rin nangyayari sa kanilang dalawa but since iniwan ni Doraemon si Nobita ang lungkot na ng story tulog.. nakaka touch 😦 Congratulations to Fujiko F. Fujio for the comics ”Doraemon” ANOTHER SUCCESS!!!!!! *cheers*

  9. sandra says:

    doraemon never ever can be destroy.When i saw this tears came into my eyes .It’s the best comic i have ever seen

  10. Vishesh says:

    I loved the ending.. what a wonderful ending… Doraemon is immortal.

  11. BlahBlah says:

    Doraemon’s ending was never discussed because of two reasons (one is because the creator of the manga died before they could discussed about the ending). This is merely a fan made, a fanfiction if you will. So the one you post is not exactly the real ending of Doraemon but rather a fan made ending. Just saying.

  12. Jb gwapo says:

    doraemon is a dog not a cat

  13. I wish i also had a frnd like doraemon

  14. Ahsan shahzad says:

    No one watches such a long dream

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