Last Chapter of Doraemon (Indo Vers)

I have the indonesian version of the last chapter of doraemon. I have uploaded on megaupload for u guys to download.



I’m Bored ~


2 Responses to Last Chapter of Doraemon (Indo Vers)

  1. Mrs Herjanto/Devil/Steve's/Thuy/ says:

    Thank you so much. My boyfriend, Steve must love it. Thank you so much for helping me do my promise to my dear boyfriend. I wanted to save this for my boyfriend’s birthday. But I’m too afraid, it’s in May 26 and it’s November now. Oh he’ll be fine soon. I know he’ll be fine soon. And he won’t leave me. Thank you so much.

    All my best wishes and pray to you. Thank you so much for making my beloved one happy. I really thank you so much.


  2. Thanks udah sharing doraemon

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