Massacre in Virginia Tech

At campus today, everyone is talking about the massacre in virginia tech, and I’m like, what the hell are you guys talking about? what massacre? who? where? what? lol, this is the result of not having a TV inside my room, not knowing what’s going on in this world. well now I know and I read about it from CNN.

His name is Cho Seung-Hui. On monday morning, he decided to make himself on the headlines news in almost every major news company in the US. He went on shooting spree on the campus of virginia tech. He killed at least 30 students and injured 17 others students before he decided to kill himself. About half a year ago, the former chairwoman of Virginia Tech’s English department, Lucinda Roy and Cho’s professor were concerned bout his anger that they took him out of another teacher’s creative writing class and taught him one on one. They figured out that there’s something wrong with him that he seemed so disturbed somehow.

The gun he used for the massacre was 9mm Glock 19 pistol that he bought a month ago from Roanoke Firearms shop for $571. The police said that its really hard to get information about him from other fellow students. They dont seem to know him well. Most of them said the same thing that he’s basically a loner that he seldom interacts with others.

What I heard from my friend is that he first killed his ex girlfriend and his ex’s roommates, then he left for about 2 hours and then went back to kill his ex’s current boyfriend and many other students. Is this about love problem? lol, if it is, he sure is a loser. Well, thats what my friend told me earlier. Besides, some students played dead to survive o_O. It is said that this is the worst shooting in campus history in America.

For you guys who are interested with this issue, you can visit CNN for more info.


I’m Bored ~

source: CNN


4 Responses to Massacre in Virginia Tech

  1. xvain says:

    that guy is faking retarded -_-
    he also shoot people from indonesia ..

  2. wiermansa says:

    JAKARTA, Indonesia: An Indonesian student was among 32 killed by a lone gunman during a shooting rampage at a U.S. university, the foreign ministry and family members confirmed Wednesday.

    Partahi Lombantoruan, 34, was a civil engineering doctoral student at Virginia Tech, said ministry spokesman Kristiarto Legowo.

    The young man’s stepmother, who lives in the Central Java town of Semarang, was seen weeping on the privately run ANTV. Family members said they hoped the body would be returned home soon for a public burial in the capital Jakarta.


  3. Heri Heryadi says:

    Iya tuh. baru aja pas makan gw baca koran ada berita itu. kaget juga ada orang batak yg ketembak padahal bentar lagi mau dapat doktor sipil. Gila 30-an orang dia tembak, i cant imagine.

  4. Clarence says:

    Man, how come u are still too ‘suck”, and know nothing?
    GROW UP, Man!!!
    I can’t imagine what you will be after u graduate.

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