Finished Densha Otoko!

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Densha Otoko, or The train man, is the most recent Japanese drama I watched. Its basically a love story between an otaku and a rich beautiful girl named Saori. The term otaku is in Japanese which means a person who loves anime so much and become obsessed to it. Densha Otoko is based on the purportedly true story of a 23 year old otaku who intervened when a drunk man was harassing several women on a train and one of the women is Saori.

Densha Otoko is an example of an otaku who really suffer from not being able to socialize properly and trying to change his life to become worthy to the girl he loves. He’s too shy to talk to anyone especially to the girl he fells in love with.

These are the list of the casts:

TV series cast

* Saori Aoyama – Misaki Ito
* Tsuyoshi Yamada – Atsushi Itō
* Misuzu Jinkama – Miho Shiraishi
* Kaho Sawazaki – Eriko Sato
* Yūko Mizuki – Misa Sudo
* Keisuke Aoyama – Mokomichi Hayami (Saori’s younger brother)
* Aoi Yamada – Maki Horikita (Tsuyoshi’s younger sister)
* Tsuneo Yamada – Shirou Kishibe (Tsuyoshi’s father)
* Yuusaku Matsunaga – Gekidan Hitori
* Shinji Kawamoto – Eiji Sugawara
* Karin Takeda – Saori Koide
* Munetaka Minamoto – Shun Oguri
* Kazuya Sakurai – Kosuke Toyohara
* Yuki Aoyama – Kumiko Akiyoshi (Saori’s mother)
* Ryoko Hashizume – Chizu Sakurai
* Sadao Ushijima – Seiji Rokkaku
* Susumu Ichisaka – Youichi Nukumizu
* Tominaga – Tatsuya Gashuin


I really like the originality of the story of densha otoko and also because its based on true story. I’m impressed how an otaku would be able to steal a beautiful girl’s heart, and how determined he was to win her heart. I like the overall of the TV series, there is one thing that bothers me so much. Otakus cry so much? on almost every scene, the otaku and his friends always cry. He cried over something very stupid thats not even worth it. Well its probably the director exaggerated about it.

I actually watch the TV series online at Just register and search for densho otoko =]

I’m Bored ~


4 Responses to Finished Densha Otoko!

  1. Heri Heryadi says:

    I read in kamus that otaku means too as a man who love computer much. Sepertinya gw harus nonton. Berapa episod bang?!

  2. wiermansa says:

    ada 11 eps bang. satu ep nya sekitar 1 jam

  3. denhurd says:

    wow.. kapan-kapan wa nyoba nyari ah…

  4. Clarence says:

    u r so outdated and the definition of “otaku” is totally wrong

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