Noah’s 6 years of photo!! and Spears pregnant!

His name is Noah Kalina. He took pictures of himself everyday for 6 years. Starting from January 11, 2000 to July 31, 2006. Total is 2356 Days. I salute his dedication and he compiled all his photos to 6 min video on youtube. This is the video I’m talking about. I probably would try to do the same thing. I want to know if I can dedicate 5 min everyday to take a picture of life xD. That would be fun

I actually watch this video a while back and didnt post it on my blog, but a few days ago, I saw the simpson version and found very corny ^^. Here is the simpson ver. Hope you guys enjoy it.


ok now lets move to the 2nd topic. When you heard the name spears, you probably think its gotta be Britney Spears. Well not this time. I think Britney wont have another baby for quite a while, but eh I dont know. It’s her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears.


Shes only 16 and she got pregnant. I mean seriously, whats up with the spears family. -.- they seriously need help. Jamie is currently working with nickelodeon and she said that she has not mentioned anything about her pregnancy to them. I wonder what’s their reaction. “uh, gtfo jamie?” lol.

I’m Bored~


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