FNATIC: King of Kings Championship

WOW! I cant believe how long has it been since my last post. Ehhh.. ya I hate to admit that I almost gave up blogging but hey here I am, bored again.. feeling like posting again.

For now on, I will share more E-sport news about Dota and replays. I said share the news because I’m not the one writing the article. just copy paste thing, but I always leave the source. so here goes.

FNATIC: King of Kings Championship

Fnatic.com thinks that a new year should come along with a new tournament series, and presents us with the King of Kings tournament. myMYM.com presents to you the groups they have released.

Fnatic.com announced the King of Kings Championship a few weeks ago, with the total prize money pooling up to $1000 for each game. The tournament is now ready to kick off with games like Warcraft 3, Counter-Strike and of course, DotA.
The Allstar tournament will feature 20 prestigious teams from four corners of the world, including the forgotten Oceania, to battle it out and be crowned King of the Kings.

The playing system for the tournament is pretty confusing. The group stages and schedules have been announced and will be taking place from the 7th of February to the 22nd of February while we will see 5 groups, each with 4 teams. The top two of each group will advance. These ten teams will be placed in playoffs, which will start on the 28th of February,t a short six days after the group stages have come to an end. A so-called ‘group stage of 3 teams’ will be held on the 7th and 8th of March.
Besides the DotA tournament, KOKC will also be featuring a DotA video contest, where the best DotA video maker will have a chance to showcase their videos to the world to win some pocket money.

Due to high request, we have decided to up the participating team list to 20 teams! Unfortunately, KingSurf will not be participating due to personal conflict, but we are happy to announce the addition of 5 new teams to the tournament.

The format will now be 5 groups with 4 teams each, the top 2 teams of each group will advance into the playoffs. Good luck!

Group A:

Group B:
YaY (was x6)

Group C:

Group D:

Group E:

Source: mymym.com

All players are encouraged to read and understand the ruleset for the KOKC DotA Championship. Failure to follow the rules will result in warnings and later on disqualification from the tournament.

KOKC Information and Rules


KOKC was formed by bestpoker.com in cooperation with Fnatic.com in order to provide our community with exciting online tournaments. KOKC is inviting top 20 teams around the world to compete for a chance to be called the kings as well as $1000 in prize money! Please go through all the rules to familiarize yourself with the tournament.

Team / Player Understanding

Managers and team captains are responsible for making sure that each team member know, understand, and follow all the rules for the tournament. Failure to follow rules can lead to warnings and eventual disqualification.


Registration for this tournament will be creating an account on http://www.bestpoker.com. Each player rostered on a team must create an account or they will not be accepted. Teams are allowed and only allowed 7 rostered players per team. Teams must email their roster listing the usernames to their bestpoker accounts as well as their Garena nicknames to Rinoa@fnatic.com.


It is required that the captain of each team must report to the #kofk channel on Quakenet IRC at least 30 minutes prior to their schedule matches so things may be on time. We also encourage all teams to bring a host with them to speed up the process.

1.0 Rostered Players/Garena ID’s

All games are to be played on Garena. It is the opposing teams responsibility to check and verify the opposing teams roster and verify that the players Garena ID’s are correct prior to the start of any match. Once a match goes LIVE there can be no dispute filed for incorrect or missing Garena ID until the match is over. Therfore, it is also the responsiblity of all team captains to make sure they are using registered players on their correct Garena ID’s.

1.1 Team Sportsmanship

With so many veterans participating in this tournament, we expect good sportsmanship. Flaming/racism/disrespect towards admins and the like will not be tolerated. Players will be given warnings at first and then can later suffer disqualification.

First penalty: Formal warning to player/captain
Second Penalty: Default loss in next match
Third and final penalty: Disqualification

1.2 Garena

All members are REQUIRED to have Garena. All matches will be played on Garena and must be using their rostered names ONLY.

1.3 Third Party Applicaitons

The use of any third party application and or program (aside from Garena, hotkeys, hp bars) to influence or manipulate the game environment is strictly prohibited. The use of such programs will be considered as a severe offense and will result in disqualification.

1.4 Match Scheduling

Matches will be played on the weekends ONLY. Failure to follow the schedule will result in a forfeit loss for that match. For the group stage, all teams will play just one match, please look at the schedule to see which team you are facing each week. All teams must schedule their matches at least 3 days in advance and send notice to Rinoa@fnatic.com

1.5 Game Replays + Streaming

Each team must save a replay of the match. Please report the replay to an admin as soon as the match is over. Admins can be found on IRC In the #kofk channel on Quakenet.

Please do not start your matches until there is a streamer in your game.

2.0 Item restrictions

Each team may only have two Necronomicon
Each team may only have two Guinsoo’s Scythe of Vyse.

2.1 Game Version

KOKC uses the latest stable map which is currently 6.57b. The match will be played using captains mode (-cm).

2.2 Backdooring

Attacking towers before your creep’s are inside the attack radius is allowed for the outside 2 towers in each lane. Team’s who attack beyond this point if no creeps are inside opponent’s base will receive a FF LOSS.

If your creep’s die while attacking a base structure you will still able to continue your assault. However once your opponents creep’s are out of the attack radius, the structures will be immune until your next push.

2.3 Game Chat

All players are allowed to use the global chat as long as conversations are kept professional.

2.4 Have Fun


Source: Fnatic



YES! I will post up the replays. Stay tune!

I’m Bored~


4 Responses to FNATIC: King of Kings Championship

  1. baron says:

    is it turney stream on garena tv?
    i want watch live…
    what time for fnatic Vs IGG stream?

  2. iceman says:

    i love DotA it is so awesome game 😉

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